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Moving theory into practice

Core business.

Moving theory into practice

Core business

RTC´s core business is to initiate, broker and manage mining-related collaborative projects and project consortia. We initiate collaborative projects upon demand of our owners, partners and others, seek private funding and build project consortia. Since we continuously strive for highly efficient and transparent processes that are easily understood by all, while at the same time considering each partner’s IP rights, we simplify multinational, industrial cooperation and interdisciplinary synergies, effectively lowering costs and adding value for our project/program partners. To achieve this, we adapt the structure and tailor management, resources and technical personnel to meet the specific needs of each and every project, effectively forming a neutral platform for collaboration between private companies, universities, governmental and/or research organizations.

Core Business

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MIGS III Program
The Mining Initiative on Ground Support and equipment program, phase II: 2012-2014 – MIGS III.

Mining Industries Data Initiative – MINDI

program SMIFU
The Sustainable Mine and Innovation for the Future program, phase II: 2010 -2013 – SMIFU II

As opposite to the programs, RTC is also running and managing several different projects and project consortia

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