RTC launches the MINDI pilot study

The work towards starting the MINDI – Mining Industries Data Initiative has begun with a pilot study (länk till projects). As we are sure that you all are aware of, the amount of data from equipment and processes are today increasing fast while the utilisation of this kind of information to improve the process is far from optimal. The challenge does not lie within the data itself, but how to extract data and transform it into useful information, reaching the right user in a timely manner. The main goal is hence to extend the utilisation of today’s massive data and information flow in operating mines to increase control, productivity and profit. This is a huge task that no single project can solve alone and we are hence starting the MINDI pilot study to guide the work that should be included in the full size RTC Project Program. The pilot study is supported by the Swedish mining industry and a first seminar/workshop will take place on the 1-2nd of March 2016 to discuss our challenges and opportunities with experts from the IT and other sectors.

Please note that this project and seminar is still open for participation.